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About the company Kond-Klass

The main indicator of quality products, of course, is its safety.

The enterprise has introduced and certified the HACCP food safety management system for its flour confectionery products. Also introduced is the ISO 2001 food safety management system.

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Kond-Klass LLC is a modern confectionery enterprise of the city of Kharkov, specializing in the production of confectionery products. Excellent product quality, a wide range of more than 300 items - rolls, cookies, marshmallow, cakes and pies, oriental sweets, puff pastries and yeast products. , sweets in assortment. Delicious and attractive pastry products have long gained popularity among many buyers not only of our city and region, but also of other regions of Ukraine. Wanting to bring to life Fans of real magic and festive mood, the company launched a line for the production of exclusive customized cakes in stock. Wishing to bring real magic and a festive mood to the life of their consumers, the company launched a line for the production of exclusive custom-made cakes in an assortment.
Kond Klass
4, Merefyanske road Postcode Kharkiv,г. Харьков,
+38 (067) 572–53–69, info@kond-klass.com.ua
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